Activities available in Nsangwini Rock Art

Region: Hhohho
Attraction Type: Culture/People, Landscape/Scenic


Nsangwini Rock Shelter

The Nsangwini Rock Shelter is the largest example of San art in the country and is said to provide the most comprehensive display in Swaziland.

4000 years ago, the San people used this Highveld area for spiritual rituals and for recording iconic moments in their lives through etchings on the ancient rocks.  The paintings are remarkably clear and informative interpretations are given by members of the Nsangwini community, who manage and maintain the site.

Here you can step back to a time when wild creatures roamed a land unfettered by power lines, roads, dams and the trappings of modern living; a land where people competed with nature to survive. Nsangwini Rock is a great example of one of the places these people recorded their experiences, visions and dreams.

The mountainside trail to the rock shelter is steep (about 20 minutes down and 25 minutes up) with many loose rocks, but it is manageable by all able-bodied people. Good walking shoes or hiking boots are essential and the aid of a walking stick is advised.

Nsangwini is clearly signposted from the main Mbabane-Pigg's Peak road and from the Maguga Dam loop road. There is 7.5kms of dirt road from the tar, but the road is suitable for all vehicles.

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