Lodges in or near Maguga Dam
Activities available in Maguga Dam

Region: Hhohho
Attraction Type: Landscape/Scenic


Maguga Dam

A short distance South of Piggs Peak is Maguga Dam, a major development on the Komati River that has been responsible for the growth in the area’s agricultural activity. The scenic loop road that leads to the dam also hosts a community-initiated viewsite that provides fantastic views over the vast expanse of water. The View Point restaurant is also a short distance away providing a great vista of the spillway. Also at Maguga is the unique community based Craft Outlet, where local crafters come to market their goods, and is one of the best examples of local craftsmanship in the country.

The dam itself is becoming a tourist destination in its own right, with several entrepreneurs gearing up for watersports and leisure developments on the banks of the river.

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