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Region: Manzini
Attraction Type: Landscape/Scenic, Wildlife


Summerfield Botanical Garden

In a tranquil setting of rolling hills, breathtaking lakes & lush tropical gardens, Summerfield Luxury Resort & Botanical Garden lies close to the banks of the Bobokazi River and is situated in the Nokwane valley, renowned for its scenic beauty, spectacular rock formations and majestic mountain range. This idyllic setting with panoramic, unbroken views of the surrounding countryside sits proudly against the backdrop of fertile cultivated agricultural lands.

Summerfield Botanical Garden is unique in its design as an ‘Integrated Botanical Conservancy and Leisure Resort’ in which nature conservation remains the ‘raison d’être’ and cornerstone of all the activities of the Botanical Garden. Summerfield is wholly committed to environmental conservation and has initiated ‘The Green Appeal - A Global Imperative’ programme which seeks to sensitise, educate and secure funding for the conservation of flora and fauna. The Garden is a national conservancy which boasts the largest collection of exotic and tropical palms and plants in the Kingdom of Swaziland, including a vast collection of indigenous trees, pre-historic cycads and rare indigenous plant species.

The establishment and development of this vast and lush botanical garden can be directly attributed to the passion and love for gardening shared by the extraordinary couple who own it. Their absolute unwavering commitment to the conservation of indigenous flora and their tireless efforts to transform an abandoned and barren property, which they purchased from owners who had left Swaziland many years ago, into an oasis for both flora and fauna, bears testimony to the creativity, resourcefulness and resilience of these lovers of nature.