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Region: Lubombo
Attraction Type: Culture/People



The Lubombo region’s historic administrative centre is Siteki (formerly Stegi); a charming little town set on a hill 1000 metres above sea level and from where, on a clear
day, the Indian Ocean may be seen, where famously towards the end of the 19th Century,the Transvaal African administration placed a magistrate in the area to control the “lawless white adventurers” who abounded there at the time.

The Lonhlupekho Craft Market is where local people sell a wonderful array of traditional crafts and curios, all made by hand. The market has become a flagship venture for joint community entrepreneurship, with crafters constantly improving their work in an environment of friendly competition. Vendors at the market are also more than happy to talk about the area, and this makes the market a great place to learn about the real Swaziland from those who know it best. Lonhlupekho Craft Market is just one of the community tourism projects in Swaziland. Click here to find out about other similar tourism in the community initiatives.

Near to Siteki is the Muti Muti Conservancy, part of the Lubombo Conservancy, with it’s 2000ha of mountain forests and open savannah, showcasing the diversity and natural beauty of the Lubombo Mountains. Muti Muti stretches from the top of the range down to the Lowveld and has exciting trails that reveal to the explorer the areas rich birdlife, its forest creatures and stunning views.