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Region: Lubombo
Attraction Type: Landscape/Scenic, Culture/People


Lubombo Mountains

Along the eastern border, forming a natural barrier between Swaziland and Mozambique, is a line of rugged volcanic hills known as the Lubombos, which rise abruptly from the lowveld to some 600m. This range extends far beyond Swaziland, following the Mozambique border north through the Kruger National Park and south into KwaZulu-Natal. From below, it appears as a single line. In fact, the hills comprise a number of parallel ridges broken by deep gorges where the Usutu, Ngwavuma and Mbuluzi rivers carve through to the Indian Ocean. In many respects, the Lubombo region is an elevated extension of the lowveld, with Siteki, perched on top, its only town of note. However, these wild hills harbour some unusual habitats, with flora and fauna found nowhere else in the country.

A new initiative has been set up in the Lubombo region, opening up a number of eco-walking trails. The initiative has been set up by a collaboration of partners. These include Shewlua Mountain CampMbuluzi Game ReserveAll Out AfricaMlawula Nature Reserve and Muti Muti Conservancy near Siteki. The Lubombo Eco Trails is aimed at providing the adventure seeker with a unique ecological and cultural experience. It is a  a community-focused initiative: a growing adventure trails network including hiking, mountain biking, 4x4 routes, bird watching, cultural routes and river rafting. The Eco Trails will initiate a number of community-based enterprises, such as eco lodges and cultural attractions.

For more information please download the Lubombo Eco Trails pamphlet by clicking here.