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Region: Lubombo
Attraction Type: Wildlife, Landscape/Scenic


Lubombo Conservancy

The Lubombo Conservancy comprises of a number established reserves that include Mlawula Nature Reserve, Shewula Nature Reserve, Mbuluzi Game Reserve, Hlane Royal National Park, a conservation area within the Inyoni Yami Swaziland Irrigation Scheme (IYSIS) and the Muti-Muti Conservancy. 

These areas are hosts to the most extensive and historical conservation area within the Kingdom of Swaziland, with approximately 60 000 hectares of a contiguous block of land that can be utilised to enhance conservation efforts in the country.

The Conservancy aims to facilitate the long term conservation of the Lubombo ecosystem through co-operative and participatory nature conservation management and the development of conservation-based opportunities. It combines national, private and community-owned reserves that have come together in a co-ordinated effort to ensure that there is proper and sustainable conservation of ecosystems, which also enhances the quality of life of people in the region.

The eco-tourism initiatives being developed include the Lubombo Eco-Trails. The Lubombo Eco Trails is is aimed at providing the adventure seeker with a unique ecological and cultural experience. It is a  a community-focused initiative: a growing adventure trails network including hiking, mountain biking, 4x4 routes, bird watching, cultural routes and river rafting. The Eco Trails will initiate a number of community-based enterprises, such as eco lodges and cultural attractions.

For more information please download the Lubombo Eco Trails pamphlet by clicking here.