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Region: Hhohho
Attraction Type: Landscape/Scenic, Culture/People


Pigg's Peak

The greater Pigg’s Peak is found in the Northern parts of the country. With a long and interesting history, the town is most famous for it's gold deposits, first recorded in modern times in about 1872. Gold was mined until 1954 but although initially successful, the venture never really took off.

The town’s name is often Africanised in local parlance to ‘Spiggy-Speegy’, or even just ‘Spiggy’. Whatever its pronunciation, it derives from the French prospector William Pigg, whose son, ironically, went on to marry a girl with the surname Hogg. Pigg made his fortune not in bacon but gold, after discovering a reef in the nearby hills in 1884. His ‘peak’ was the nearby summit of Emlembe, Swaziland’s highest mountain. As mining developed in the region – first gold and then asbestos – so the intersection of the Bulembu supply road with the Mbabane–Matsamo corridor became a local hub, offering services to settlers. This was the origin of today’s town, and also it's entry route for tourists. 

The nearby Peak Fine Craft Centre has diverse and interesting shops that are well worth a visit. They offer high quality locally produced craft items and there is a restaurant with spectacular views over the area. Phophonyane Falls and Ecology and Nature Reserve is also located in the vicinity. Referred to by the town council’s website as just ‘a small service centre’, although not a large place, this is the only settlement of any size in northwest Swaziland

Located midway between Mbabane and the Kruger, it makes a convenient pit stop, with shops, banks, and filling stations and other basic amenities, and a good base from which to explore the northwest.

Today forestry is the main industry, but since the development of Maguga Dam, tourism has grown significantly in the area. The road is the main route into Swaziland from the world-famous Kruger National Park, making the hotels and lodges in the area ideal stopovers for visitors.

Piggs Peak is located 65km north of Mbabane by road and 40km south of the South Africa border at Matsamo, from either of which it is an easy straightforward drive on the MR1. An alternative route from South Africa is via the much closer border at Bulembu, 20km due west of town along the R40/MR20. This gravel road is untarred and in poor repair however, so to get there within reasonable time, a 4x4 vehicle is advised. Once over the border the descent to Barberton is steep, slow, spectacular and, thankfully, tarred.

Piggs Peak is also home to a large variety of bird life. To download a full list of all the different species of bird found within Piggs Peak, click here.