Malolotja's Zip Lines

Posted on: Thursday, August 22, 2013
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by Jenny Bowen (Sense Africa)

Swaziland is opening up to be the place to go for adventure – whether it be white water rafting, horse riding, caving, hiking, abseiling or even extreme mountain biking, Swaziland seems to have a wide range of activities.

And the the new adventurous activity is a collection of massive zip wires in Malolotja. Malolotja is a place of stunning beauty, and do not worry, this has not be spoilt with the addition of a zip wire. In fact, you can not see it until you are clipped in. There are 12 lines, of varying lengths and heights(!), the longest being 140m long and about 80m high. I have to say from an ecological perspective they have done a good job as there has a minimal impact on the surroundings. The zip line goes through the trees, rather than having them all cut down, the bases between each zip blend into the surroundings and the best thing of all is that you can get a birds eye view of Malolotja gorge. Stunning!

Jenny Bowen is from Sense Africa, the UK's only Swaziland specialist tour operator.


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