Gymnastics on a horse; the sport of vaulting

Posted on: Friday, September 11, 2015
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All Out Africa
Foundation Manager, Laura Makhanya, writes about the thrilling sport of equestrian vaulting and the great opportunity it has provided for children in Swaziland. Read her blog below.

Learning fundamental movements such as balance, stability and coordination are instrumental to a child’s physical development. Now add these elements to a moving horse and we have the sport of vaulting; and as we know, sport is a tool for development not only from a physical perspective but also from a social and educational standpoint.

Since early this year, five our children from Ezulwini NCP (a pre-school for orphaned and vulnerable children) have been practicing and preparing for their first vaulting showcase. This event was staged at Swazi Lizkhar in Lobamba hosted by Rising Star Foundation on Sunday June 7th. Though the event was for all ages (boys and girls), our confident NCP children boasted their talent and were the youngest (4-5 years old) to showcase their new skills. Prizes were awarded for participation, best freestyle and routines depending on age categories.

Being a new spectator to the sport, I was immensely impressed by the skill involved of performing stunts on a horse, balancing on your head or on one foot. Swaziland has recently gained momentum with its vaulting competitions and All Out is a supporter of this fascinating endeavour.

On the day of the event, our children got to see some of the best in the country perform their stunts and without hesitation showed great enthusiasm when it was their turn. Elements of teamwork, communication and of course self-confidence were demonstrated by our young stars that were supported by staff members and their voluntary NCP teacher on the day of the event.

The All Out Africa Foundation sport development initiatives have provided a platform to engage young children and young adults in a variety of sporting codes for nearly 10 years in the Kingdom of Swaziland. We are grateful for our major sports donor, BOOST (Building On Overlooked Sporting Talent) who also believes in the power of opportunity through play. The sport of vaulting is no exception and we look forward to continue working together with the Rising Star Foundation to create opportunities for children irrespective of privilege to engage in this artistic activity.

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