Swazi Rally

Swazi Rally is an annual biker’s event held at Riders Ranch in Sidvokodvo, Swaziland. The rally is held over the last weekend in August. Thousands of motor cycle enthusiasts congregate and have a fun-filled weekend with biker friends, and make new long lasting biking relationships. The organiser, Carlos Paiva, with the help of his wife Sonia and a dedicated team began the Swazi Rally 24 years ago back in 1993.

Swazi Rally is situated at Riders Ranch in Sidvokodvo, a town in central Swaziland, south of Manzini. Riders Ranch boasts great biking facilities not only for the rally but for other events too. Fortunately, Riders Ranch caters for on and off road riders making it a fun place for all riders.

The first Swazi Rally at Riders Ranch was held in a shed which had no walls situated where the hall is now a permanent structure. Toilets had to be hired and water was shipped in with water tanks. From humble beginnings the venue has grown in leaps and bounds all under the supervision of the owner – Carlos. Now the facilities including a larger hall tiled and ceiling on top , more ablution facilities and a professional drag strip and skid pad.

Out of the initial attendees a few have never missed a Swazi Rally. They have seen the trees that were planted growing over the years and they now claim ownership of those trees. Having their own site has enabled them to develop even further. The journey to the site comprises of picturesque scenery along meandering roads with lots of twists and turns. With the hike in attendance each year, the Paiva Family have been forced to increase their camping facilities to allow more bikers to attend.

This large biking event attracts bikers from South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho and Mozambique and Swaziland who cram the entire site for a weekend of fun.

Social Responsibility plays a key role in Swazi Rally before and after the event takes place. In recent years, the team have been involved with local house building projects for the elderly, disabled and those suffering with long term conditions. They have also assisted in providing clothing food and childcare to local communities. Swazi Rally continues to help those in need across Swaziland annually.

This years Swazi Rally will take place from 31st August - 2nd September 2018. For more information, visit the Swazi Rally website here.