Regions & Map
Locations in Shiselweni:


To the south of the country Swaziland becomes less mountainous and more hilly. It was within this region that the first Swazi clans established themselves after migrating from Mozambique several hundred years ago. Being a direct neighbour to the Zulu kingdom also saw it as the frontline in many conflicts that broke out between the two groups. The name, Shiselwini, literally means ‘place of burning’ referring to the burning of Kinf Ngwane II’s kraal. This is probably Swaziland’s least visited region, though it straddles the south of the whole country, so including sections of the three main geographical zones – highveld, middleveld and lowveld. Nhlangano is the main town of interest, and the Mahamba Gorge offers some scenic and birdwatching delights.