Outdoor Activities

With the massive variety of Swaziland’s natural landscapes, it’s no surprise that there is a wealth of outdoor activities available in this small, beautiful country.

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Walks & Treks

What better way to explore Swaziland’s many and varied highlands, forests, and reserves than on foot. There are paths and trails in many locations across the country allowing for hikes from a couple of hours to many days in duration, and give access to places and views that are inaccessible by vehicle. Alternatively, those with initiative and a good map or GPS can simply head off into countryside. The level of trail can be as strenuous as you wish, from very easy to very challenging. Swaziland’s many superb hiking destinations include Bulembu, Mahamba, Malolotja, Mlawula, Ngwempisi, Mlilwane, Shewula and SibebeLubombo Mountains. A more detailed run down of the country’s hiking locations can be found on this page.

Horse Riding

Exploring on horseback offers perhaps even greater freedom than on foot or on a bike and views always seem to be more spectacular when seen from the back of a horse! Swaziland offers visitors the opportunity to discover the beautiful country along a number of horse riding trails and, again, duration can be anything form a couple of hours to a number of days, depending on experience and ability. The main stables all have good facilities and cater to all levels they are found at: Mlilwane (Chubeka Trails), Ezulwini Valley (Hoofbeat Safaris), Mhlambanyatsi (Foresters Arms Hotel), Hawane Resort, Malkerns (Nyanza Stables).

Quad Biking

Swaziland has a handful of Quad biking opportunities. From hour-long dedicated quad bike trails to half day explorations, there are some high quality experiences on offer. Quad bikes, and trails are available with Swazi Trails in the Ezulwini Valley, and at Hawane Resort and Nkonyeni Golf Estate.


4x4 Trips

Whenever a lodge or hotel in Swaziland offers a tour of a more rural area, or reserve, it will be by 4x4 due to the nature of the roads and tracks. For dedicated off-road enthusiasts, there are also several unofficial 4x4 routes around Swaziland that give wonderful opportunities to see the less accessible parts of the country. All off-road driving must follow standard environmental guidelines.

Mountain Biking

Another great way to explore Swaziland’s stunning landscapes is by mountain bike. As with walking and trekking, the most adventurous can set out on their own across the country. However, there are popular, specific mountain bike trails in a number of locations, including Mhlambanyatsi, Hawane, Hlane, Malolotja, Mbuluzi and Shewula. Bikes are available for hire at some but not all places. The annual IMVELO Classic is the biggest and most popular biking event, and takes place each June in Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary. Swaziland has a number of mountain biking events through the year, including INYATSI Swazi Frontier and Imevelo MTB Classic. Inyatsi Swazi Frontier mountain bike stage race takes place every October.  Riders team up in pairs and tackle 3 days of riding the unmarked route using GPS navigation devices.  The route is a journey and riders stay in different accommodation venues each night. Find out more here. The Imvelo MTB Classic is an annual event held every June ran by Big Game Parks at Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary. It comprises of a series of races over different distances, the longest being 64km. Find out more here. Other mountain biking events include the Ngwenya Glass Mountain Bike Challenge, held annually at the Ngwenya Glass Factory. The challenge has three different  Routes to take part in - the 70km Marathon, 40km Classic and 27km Family Ride.

Boat Trips

As a land-locked country, Swaziland has no coastline that would allow for trips out to sea that are found in neighbouring South Africa and Mozambique. However, power boats, yachts, dinghies and canoes may be used on various dams/reservoirs around the country, including Hawane Dam, Maguga Dam, Sand River Dam and Van Eck Dam. Houseboats can be hired on Maguga Dam and Sand River Dam.