Travel Guide

Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel is an approach to tourism that maximizes the benefits to local communities, minimizes negative social and environmental impacts and helps local people to conserve fragile cultures and habitats. People travelling to Swaziland will be greeted at lodges, driven round and guided by members of local communities who are all benefitting from the growth of tourism within the country. Accommodation owners and tour operators recognize their role in ensuring the benefits of tourism reach local communities whether it be through local employment practices, ensuring their operations run with minimum environmental impact and in some cases through the active promotion of ecotourism activities within Swaziland.To ensure Swaziland retains its wonderful cultures and habitats it is inherent for both visitors and those within the industry to contribute to the field of responsible travel and ensure the country benefits from tourism.

Swaziland is well represented on the leading website for Responsible Travel:, with a number of Swazi Holidays listed.

Volunteering Opportunities

Swaziland is still a developing country and the majority of the Swazi people still live in deep poverty. As a country, Swaziland has so much to offer and in light of the struggles and hardships it's people have to live with, volunteering provides a fantastic opportunity to give something back.

For more information and for details of groups you could get involved in please visit our Volunteering Opportunities page.

Community Tourism

Swaziland has a rich and historic culture and provides a chance to immerse yourself in the real culture of Africa in a safe and friendly environment. A number of projects have been set up in recent years that are specifically aimed at involving local communities directly in tourism operations – form craft markets to lodges; from managing ancient rock art sites to hiking tours on the country's best-known peak. In order to view examples of Swaziland's Community Tourism projects, please click here.

Leadership Development

Swaziland also offers the opportunity for aspiring leaders in business to provide valuable mentoring of local Swaziland businesses. Development Squared organise unique one-week programmes in Swaziland that not only allow people to make an important and valuable contribution to a business in a developing economy, but at the same time develop their own critical business skills and leadership behaviours in a challenging new environment.