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Camping & Caravan Sites in Swaziland

Camping in Swaziland can not only be a rewarding experience, giving you the chance to experience that real outdoors safaris holiday, but is also a very cost effective way of touring the country!

Many campsites / caravans sites are actually an extension of chalets or lodges - which enables visitors to make the most of two worlds - the exhilaration of camping outdoors, coupled with the luxury of onsite amenities.

For those lucky enough to be camping in the splendour of a caravan or trailer, Swaziland’s size alone makes it ideal for a true caravan holiday. Around the same size as the UK’s Wales, attractions are very close  to one another so its more than possible to hop from site to site, attraction to attraction each day.

All of Swaziland’s major reserves have both camp/caravan and lodge accommodation. Many of these are established campsites with full facilities, but for those feeling a little more adventurous in reserves such as the Malolotja Nature Reserve there are 18 or so ‘primitive campsites’. These often consist of a clearing in the bush close by to water. Whilst not for everyone, trekking from ‘clearing’ to ‘clearing’ certainly would provide the excitement some desire!

Below is a list of the main campsites in Swaziland. Please click on the links below which will take you to a dedicated page providing further information.