Yebo! represents the best professional and emerging local artists and curate art exhibitions, create commissioned work for clients and work on numerous creative designs and projects.

Yebo!’s passion is to promote, market and develop professional local art and design. They have curated 33 exhibitions to date in Swaziland and one in Finland and another in South Africa. They have also collaborated together with organisations such as COSPE & Benetton who have published books about contemporary art in Swaziland, and with SEDCO for the Swaziland Art & Design Expo in 2014. They also collaborate annually with the MTN Bushfire Festival to provide a greater platform for the arts to a local and international audience.

To date, Yebo! have exhibited over 1,500 artworks by over 60 artists, selling and shipping art locally and abroad. All of our artwork is archived, and is viewable on our website.

“The Yebo! team are extremely professional, honest and transparent, and the quality of the art always comes first regardless of local trends. 
The gallery is never satisfied with less than exceptional work and their artists are encouraged to go beyond their comfort zone, trying new techniques, and formats. The results are fresh, contemporary and full of energy. My experience dealing with Yebo! Art Gallery has been inspiring and I cannot wait to see what’s in store for the future!”

Anna Ruth, Director of ÄkkiGalleria, Finland

Corporate Art

Yebo! supply corporate clients with professional art consultancy and commissioned artwork that suits your needs. We work together to find a range of work that is suitable for your space and taste, and offer coordination, planning and final installation with guaranteed results and attention to detail. We supply artwork for walls, site-specific sculptures or installations, creative furniture & decor.

“It was very gratifying working with Yebo for the artwork in our new head office. We were happy to work with local artists to produce such amazing artwork for us!”


Professional artist Peter Armstrong, together with a team of artists, is available to work on commissioned sculptures, busts and permanent installations.

Peter has vast experience in creating sculptures in various materials and mediums, and has done numerous private and public commissioned art pieces for UNISWA, MTN, Big Game Parks, US Embassy & others.

These sculptures are perfect for display both indoors and outdoors, and are well suited for public entrances, offices and receptions.

Smaller sculptures such as figures, portraits, animals, or abstract figures are available to order as unique gifts, trophies, awards, interior decor or decoration. Yebo! also renovate or repair existing damaged artwork or sculptures.

Art Classes & Skills Training

Yebo offers a variety of personal or group classes in the arts. They work with adults, children, community groups and corporates - using art, creativity and fun, they teach you new skills and create positive hands-on experiences! They also offer intensive skills-training workshops in a range of creative disciplines for income-generating projects and job creation.

Yebo! Art Reach provides a platform for using creativity and the arts to engage with various organisations, communities, groups and individuals. ArtReach is a section-17 nonprofit organisation working towards a creative Swaziland! ArtReach was founded in 2012 through Yebo Art Gallery, in order to address the need for developing the creative sector of Swaziland. Yebo! Art Reach are available for potential sponsors and partners to work with on various creative projects, such as public art, school visits, and skills training workshops. They work together with both local and visiting artists to run our projects, with a strong focus on the youth, and other disenfranchised groups in Swaziland.

Yebo! Contemporary Art Gallery
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