Travel Guide


Bulembu Community Tourism Projects
Bulembu is a historic mining village nestled at the foot of the Emlembe mountain, and is surrounded by the natural beauty of lush green hills and eucalyptus forests. Here you can also visit Bulembu Country Lodge which has been beautifully renovated with full of character. It was once home to the managers of what use to be Havelock Mine. Today, they form part of the delightful resort, presenting a charming blend of history and nature, beauty and comfort. Bulembu has also launched a number of projects aimed to empower the local community. 

Guided Emlembe Mountain Tour
This 3 - 5 hour hike takes you up Emlembe, the highest mountain in Swaziland with an elevation of 1,862 m (6,109 ft). Located in the eastern Drakensberg mountain range, bordering South Africa, you start your journey at the Bulembu Country Lodge. After a walking tour through Bulembu and Malanda, your gradual assent begins. Throughout the tour you will be surrounded by stunning scenery, including abundant flora and a chance to see the resident vervet monkeys or even baboons.

Guided Malanda Tour 
This scenic walk allows you to see and experience the beauty of Bulembu before ending in the picturesque neighbouring village of Malanda. Lasting 2 - 3 hours, this walk is suitable for the whole family and allow you to have a glimpse into rural Swazi life. 

Bulembu Museum
Enjoy a glimpse back into time as you walk through the artefacts found in Bulembu dating from the 1930s to 2000. The Bulembu Museum covers Swaziland's basic Geological history, the people movement into Swaziland and mining history all the way to Bulembu as it is today. You can sit down and watch the Havalock mine documentary “A Gleam in the River” made in 1980 as well as interviews with former residents and a documentary of how the museum was made. Allowing you a glimpse into the fascinating past of this special place.