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Chasing Horizons is Swazi, by nature, and endeavours to sell and promote Swaziland. Swaziland has been its playground in the past and will be more so in the future, as they will be doing anything and everything they can in Swaziland, both with the locals and their foreign guests. Swaziland has a lot to offer and Chasing Horizons will be running their own activities, linking up with other operators of all kinds and doing exciting, fresh new things which may border on the wild. They will be engaging with and staying with local community projects all over Swaziland, sharing the wealth and experiences with everyone.

Chasing Horizons is about special experiences and hence don’t necessarily only go for the tourist attractions, how about concerts or events of the cultural and arts kind? Chasing Horizons want to take you to these in ‘Ses’fikile’, a luxury, air-conditioned Sprinter. ‘Ses’fikile’ means ‘we have arrived’.

If there is any event, at any time, that you would be interested in attending, drop Chasing Horizons an e-mail and they will pencil it in, advertise it and may set up a trip! Events such as Oppi Koppi, Afrika burn, Rocking the daisies, Melaiepop and Bushfire are all musts and you are guaranteed to find Chasing Horizons there! They are willing to do pick-ups anywhere, anytime, for a minimum of 8 Passengers, due to travelling one way empty.

Nothing will be ‘normal’, these are not organised tours with scheduled stops, this is bespoke and unique, anything but the mainstream and not necessarily touristy at all. It’s about those who have the itch to get out there, who have that wild look in their eyes on a Friday afternoon and are knackered at work on Monday but not from booze!

Peruse through Chasing Horizons Website and have a look at the endless opportunities to explore; off the beaten track with Chasing Horizons!

Chasing Horizons Core Values:

Keeping it Local; Locally Made, Locally Grown and Locally Brewed!
Environmental Awareness: Promoting it, Learning about it and Saving it!
Low-Impact Eco-friendly and Sustainable Tourism.
Experimental Adventures, it’s all about participation, getting involved and making your own memories, who knows where this may lead.


Tours & Safari Products


Take a trip around Swaziland and visit any, or all, of the three beautiful regions. Experience everything that SD has to offer from the arts to culture to cuisine and a little wildlife too. Half or full day trips are available.




Need some new loot? Come on a personal, guided tour of SD’s eclectic markets. We’ll teach you how to bargain for all the amazing crafts and curios that our country has to offer. We proudly support local markets and home grown products!


Hike and splash! Spend the day at some of the beautiful waterfalls in Swaziland. Take in the breathtaking scenery, go for a dip, or leap...if you dare!


Tired of those boring Sundays? Take a ride with us, and visit all of the pubs that SD has to offer – while experiencing a little culture and scenery along the way!


Chasing Horizons makes a great sober driver. If you and your mates are planning a night out on the town, or are having a party, let us take you safely to your destination. Did we mention we have an amazing stereo?


Get up close and personal with some of Africa’s most majestic animals, the Big Five included! Take a day safari of SD’s National Parks and experience our proud national heritage. Swaziland has some of the best white rhino sightings in all of Africa!


Chasing Horizons is a strong supporter of everything Bushfire, it’s a great venue and amazing experience for all who attend and we are intent on helping you have an exciting and utterly memorable Bushfire experience.

Our Campsite, known as ‘Jerry’s Place’, is situated on Buhleni Farm, in the Ezulwini Valley, in amongst a pecan plantation. We have a new ablution block, as well as kitchen facilities and braai area. If you want to partake, there is even a floodlit Volleyball Court! We provide a shuttle service to and from Bushfire, allowing you to enjoy this amazing festival to the full.

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