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Dust and Boots

Dust and Boots is a Swaziland based tour company, which provides exclusive hiking tours in Swaziland and South Africa. Their main focus is on the beautiful kingdom of Swaziland, where they explore the wide range of natural wonders on foot. All their tour packages are all inclusive, fully guided and provide a high level of service, including accommodation at high-end establishments.

In Swaziland they explore wild places such as: 
Malolotja Nature ReserveSibebe Rock PlateauPhophonyane Nature ReserveMlilwane Wildlife SanctuaryHlane Royal National ParkMlawula Nature ReserveMbuluzi Game ReserveShewula Community Reserve — and many more.

Dust and Boots’ chief guide is a Danish biologist, who has resided in Southern Africa the last 16 years. This ensures Dust and Boots’ guests with a knowledgeable and passionate interpretation of nature, while hiking. You will be spoilt with stunning trails, rare flowers, abundant bird- and wildlife, as well as the vibrant Swazi culture.

Dust and Boots’ tours are customized with the intrepid and adventurous guest in mind. Guests can expect to experience exceptional scenery, the unique and vibrant Swazi Culture, and wildlife extravaganza. Dust and Boots take great pride in crafting tours that leave a memorable mark and will become a lifetime memory.

In the season 2017-18 they offer the popular 14-day Swaziland and South Africa combination tour, where you experience all the hiking and natural highlights of Swaziland and a real safari expedition in the Kruger National Park — All on foot!

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Tours & Safari Products

For your next adventure in Southern Africa – Join one of Dust and Boot's signature tours.

Their most comprehensive tour is their Exclusive Adventure - on this 2 week tour guests get the best of Swaziland and also an incredible adventure on foot in the Kruger National Park. This package tour is custom designed to give visitors all highlights of hiking in the region. Read more here.

The Best of Swaziland is a must for those who want to dig a bit deeper into the culture and all the magnificent reserves in Swaziland. On this tour the highlight is the picturesque Malolotja Nature Reserve – a favourite among hikers and nature lovers. Read more about this 9 day adventure here
Looking for a hiking adventure that will leave you humble and wanting more? -Join Dust and Boots' Wilderness Trail in the Kruger National Park. This tour focuses on getting close to nature and learning about the ways of the wild. With quality backpacks fully equipped with everything needed for 5 days you will venture out into the wild. The group will make camp in the bush and collect water from wells, fountains, or rivers. This is a true adventure! Read more about this 8 day tour here
Dust and Boots also provide Day Trips in Swaziland. Read more here
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