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SKRUM Rugby Coaching

SKRUM introduces the game and passion of rugby into the schools and communities of Swaziland where it also delivers it HIV/AIDs and other social programmes. SKRUM has reached out so far to over 650 schools in Swaziland and the country has embraced the game of rugby with enthusiasm.

Volunteer rugby coaches (18+), male and female, are needed to assist the Swazi coaches in delivering the rugby coaching in the schools and the communities. Volunteers pay a placement price which includes local coach stop transfers, accommodation, all food, transport to coaching placement, named coaching kit, World Rugby Level 1 course, local sim card and donation to the charity. 6 weeks minimum recommended - £2,000. Less time would also be acceptable.

Volunteers do not need to be qualified or professional players but need to be fully aware of the rules of the game and be willing to share their skills and knowledge with others.

Personal trainers and referees would also be most welcome.

Schools are welcomed to join the SKRUM Schools Partnership Programme where they will be paired with a Swaziland school which matches their age group. It is hoped that the partner schools will visit their Swaziland partners through SKRUM, fund raise for SKRUM, develop pen-pal relationships and also help raise funds for two new projects at the schools which have arisen out of the current draught - water harvesting and SKRUMfeed - planting of fruit trees at the schools.

SKRUM also welcomes any rugby clubs who would like to visit Swaziland and would be happy to organise a suitable 'package' for them through Volunteer Vacations who also handle their volunteers' applications.

Donations are always welcome and currently SKRUM have a Buy a Brick campaign to help raise funds to build a new SKRUM headquarters which will have accommodation for 8 volunteers which will also be used for B&B when empty.

You can also join the SKRUM 100 club. Donate £200 p.a. to help them deliver their programmes.

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